Nhi Tong

Director of Public Relations and Communication Strategy

Nhi is a versatile communications professional who has worked in a variety of professional environments, including tech, community-based non-profits, and international organizations.

Curious and driven, she developed communications strategies reaching diverse audiences while working for ten different organizations—including DoSomething, UNICEF USA, and Doctors Without Borders. Nhi led projects in various roles all while pursuing her Bachelor of Science in Communications and Master of Science in International Communication. The experiences have prepared her for a client-facing role, where she offers a unique big-picture perspective and approaches problems with creativity and resilience in today’s ever-evolving media climate.

Nhi believes in meaningful work, and is proud to work for a purpose-driven firm that partners with change agents. Besides work, she does portrait and street photography, reads, works with youth and children in her local community, and sometimes wanders through New York City’s five boroughs.