MOMENT is dedicated to creating communications strategies that directly connect the unique story of each client to any desired audience.

Authentic media coverage that can’t be bought is truly earned—most important, it’s the most trusted form. Our long-standing relationships with journalists from every specialization provide a gateway to earned media—your highest value media visibility. 

Is earned media part of your marketing strategy? The outcomes-focused multiplier effect of earned media connects you with audiences that paid channels can’t always reach. The best stories about your brand are often those not told by you.

We don’t examine data in a silo or view it as a report card. Data is the lens through which we identify insights to amplify messages, pivot to new strategies, and leverage metrics into impact-driven storytelling. 

Your unique storytelling is consistently driving engagement, inspiring people, and creating a halo effect for your brand. You’re as good as the story you’re telling and the power of storytelling isn’t going away.     

Traditional public relations vanity metrics can’t provide the insights required to drive decisions. We conduct competitor analysis, measure impact to understand consumer behavior, and continually benchmark your brand’s share of voice.  

We take a holistic, nonlinear view of communications. Your brand is impacted by others in your space, and oftentimes, breaking news events. We look at the full landscape everyday to provide strategic counsel and advance your public relations goals. 

Change agents have megaphones when well-crafted content is positioned to connect fresh ideas to new audiences. Creating original content or conducting media training, we bring your voice into the channels and platforms where you are heard. 

The speed of information means your brand’s largest asset—your reputation—can be negatively impacted during a crisis unfolding in real-time. Partner with MOMENT to develop a thoughtful issues and crisis management playbook before a crisis strikes.  

Does your brand have an authentic voice? Without it, you might be lost in the noise.